Dildo The Obsidian #02


Sir, just enough to open my chakras.

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• Dildo in semi-precious stone from the OBSIDIENNE collection by Vous Monsieur
• Made of fine, natural stone, just polished, your #02 dildo will slide inside you on its own. Sculptural and very realistic, consider letting it take pride of place in your library or on your bedside table.
• Delivered in its protective pouch
• 18 cm in length, diameter of 4 cm
• Composition: 100% Obsidian

The benefits of semi-precious stone
• Obsidian allows us to feel the forces of the earth. It is a stone that stimulates reflection of/on ourselves. In ancient times, people used obsidian mirrors to be able to reflect themselves. It was quickly discovered that an obsidian mirror shows more of the person than a polished metal mirror.
• High quality obsidian is smooth, non-porous, and its surface is tough and extremely hard
• Each sex toy is unique due to its handcrafted manufacture
• The stone is easy to clean and disinfect (use a toy cleaner or simply soap and water)
• The stone is hypoallergenic
• The stone is compatible with all lubricants

• Attention, no return is possible on this product